Maintenance under crpc 125

I have filled a divorce suit againt my wife on the grounds of adultery and cruelty. My wife has filled crpc 125 maintenance againt me after getting the divorce summon. I have a proof from her facebook which she created by hidding from me, where it is revealed that she had contacts with her ex boyfriends and have also meet with them secretly while I was in office. She had a very vulger chat with her boyfriends. Further she has mentioned in facebook while talking to her boyfriends with her intention to murder her mother in law and her husband and have also mentioned that she wish to divorce her husband by fighting with him. Knowing all this I asked my wife to stop all these non sense and her intention of killing my mother or me and stay in my native (200 kms away from kolkata city) with my mother while i stay in kolkata where I do job. She denied to stay in my hometown however agrees to stay in kolkata with me. But I am feeling insecure to keep my wife alone in kolkata as she will keep contacts with her boy friends while I will be busy in office doing my job. Please suggest will court grant her any maintenance in such scenario. Also, will court grant me divorce on such grounds.