Bda plot bangalore

Hi , Many thanks in advance for your services ! I bought site through auction from bangalore development authority. I have clear title to the plot like sale deed , EC, Khata, Possesion Certificate and tax paid up to date. I do have bank loan against the plot. The plot is vacant at the moment , couple of months back some one constructed a 3ft compound wall around my plot overnight . They haven't placed any board . It just a complete make over of my plot with compound . I went to police , they asked me to put a hoarding saying trespassers will be prosecuted with our name and contacts for the moment and not to panic and wait for if someone shows up! So far I have not received any call from thugs . Could you please advice what extra legal protection I have to avoid these thugs / mafias hover around my property. Friends and family say I need to plan building soon to avoids such maniacs but I need to get my financial stability in 2-3 years. Your advice on this matter is immense help to me!