Dear sir/Madam, My doubt is regarding 'will' which is executed by father but not correct whether executed by father or brother.all property place at Thrissur & we are Christian. I have two brothers and my father died on last year. But our partion has not done, now they are saying will has executed but they don't told me. Before my father's death one of my brother has taken a property from my father's hand in the time of death without his knowledge ,but he has not registered. Now he want another property(27cent) of mine which my father already told me.but here he as write deed regarding that property 10:17 ratio. Now he have a building, house and now 10cent. Actually my farther got all this from his father.which means all source of our wealth came from grandpa property.Now my brother want all.And he is saying all I have write as will from father. My QUESTION IS CAN I WE GET OUR FATHER PROPERTY IN EQUAL ?even after the death of my father. In the time of execution of WILL my father was in serious stage of death and abnormal mind..So is there any law point to get property in equal to all?