Relief required in Consumer Court

Despite enough space elsewhere in society, few members are constantly keeping their bikes within less than a feet from my Hall Room and Bed Room walls having windows( Only these windows allow air to pass from East side wall in discussion). Two major issues: 1) Scenario: House is at Ground Floor. Ladies and all household members spend maxmum time in these two rooms. 3 lady members, aged 64,62 and 58. One a retired teacher and an asthmatic and diabetic, sleeps just along the inner side of East side wall. Other two ladies also sleep in the same Hall Room. In the adjoining Bed Room, Uncle(61) and Nephew(30), both Engineers sleep. Nephew sleeps again like the eldest aunt close to East side wall. 2) Privacy is totally encroached as when bringing the vehicles towards wall, bikers are directly facing the inside of the House. Ladies alswys need to be alert and due to this continuous act by several bikers , all are feeling pain and agony. Bikes kick start, and shut off when starting or bringing the bikes to stand them. Exhaust enters the Rooms as Wind takes these pollution of C02, CO and burnt Petrol inside the house. When bikes are stationed, the petrol vaporizes from the tanks in small or large quantities depending on ambient temperature and these vapours get directly injected into the house through window panes. We feel uneasy, headache, nausea etc and are very uncomfortable. Imagine the nights which are worst. The bad effects of burnt fuel are well known. The petrol vapours literature in Public Domain and MSDS of Petrol say that vapours are carcinogenic. Please advise merits of this case and how to proceed for getting reliefs, immediate.