Can RWA compel bikers to use small gate instead of main gate?

I live in a society and our RWA has deputed a watchman at the block gate. There are two gates. Main, which is wide and a small gate approx 3 and 1/2 feet wide. My issue is, I have been using wide gate even when i am on bike and other bikers use the small gate which is open all the time. But, i insist on opening the wide gate, and so far, the watchman hesistanly used to open the gate. But once the watchman stopped me from using the main gate and rudely asked me to use small gate. I objected. Then, i approached the RWA and they asked me to use small gate for bike. That time, i was in a hurry and said fine. But, later, thought no one can stop me from using wide gate, if i want. My contention is watchman keeps the small gate open and bikers easily pass through without being enquired. This defeats the whole purpose of having a watchman as it is bikes that are use in all most of the crimes. Thus, small gate should only be for cyclists/pedestrians. Many would be thinking I have ego issues. But not it is not that. My contention is simple, I am just asking watchman to do his job. Therefore, can i continue to stick on my ground and ask RWA to give me in writing to use small gate so that then i can approach consumer court. I need your suggestions.