Family/bramha kumaris

Legal Question and Advice (Family Law) Sir, I have been married to my wife (almost 27 years) . She started going to Brahmakumari's Ashram from 2014, I didn't then realise it's a cult organisation. I did not oppose initially and thought that it may be good for her to spend some time in religious activities/ in social work. After she started going to Ashram, she started following and imposing those cult rules(few given below) in the family.She was flexible initially but slowly has become very rigid in following these things and not ready to listen any logic or apply her mind Started off with 'Not to eat food cooked by others' then * Not use onions and garlic in the food * Always Take bath after you come from toilet, no matter how many times you use toilet * Not to allow others touch food cooked by her or she will not eat that food(she prefers throwing it or giving it to someone) * Celibacy-No physical relationships, No romance, No physical contacts or whatsoever leading to romance * Always talking and preaching about Bhrahmakumari(BK) principles. * sitting for hours in dhyan and listening loud music related and given by them * Only watching peace of mind channel related to BK * Not reading News paper and other (other than BK literature) etc and not socializing with relatives *Strictly following schedule and work given by them * Visiting villages and even outstation centers and villages (spending days together without bothering for family and home) * No hesitation in taking money and spending on all these activities * Not bothered about children / family *Always approaching all the relatives to convince them about BK and their philosophy *People eating non veg are Atyachari and Rakshas *She is very normal and happy, if somebody listens to her or she is with BK persons * She is not mad and beyond any psychiatric treatment * She has started preaching the same to anyone coming near her/ in contact. * Now, she has started saying we husband and wife are actually brother & sister by BK's principle * She will become Devi/Devta in next birth * She has surrendered completely and blindly following them/ ‘BABA’ and so on... I am really frustrated due to this kind of life. I am not able to come out of this unimaginable situation. I have two grown up children not yet married, in fact studying. They know everything, do not like this situation but are helpless and do care about their mother due to her health and emotional attachment. We are living separately in the same house. She is neither ready to compromise nor willing to leave the place. I am worried about my son's future and about daughter’s marriage. Why they should suffer, who have made no mistake . I must say that she is ready to do her duties partially as a mother and as a wife, i.e. to cook and maintain house. This is what BK asks to follow. Is this the correct approach way to live in a family? I am doing job and trying to maintain calm. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to manage as I cannot even share my feelings with other persons as I do not know, what to say and what others can do/advise in such complicated matter Not seeing any direct solution. Want to get out of it as soon as possible as it may affect my mental status and health. I don’t know what to do ? Is divorce a way out Can I rope in Brahma Kumari Sanstha in court case as they are the main culprit, although there is little to directly blame them, since they got control over her mind and she is doing all this non sense willingly and will confess it?