Rights of legal heir in tenanted property

My grandfather was a tenant of a residential flat. My uncle and granfather's daughter with my grand mother were staying with him at the time of demise of grandfather. My grandmother expired thereafter . My uncle and daughter of grandfather continued to stay till date. My father due to his place of employment could not reside with my grandfather and was staying at his company's provided accomodation. Question is whether he looses the right of tenancy just because he could not stay with his father at the time if his demise? Further the pagadi for the tenanted property was paid partly put of sale of first tenanted property which was also in the name of my grandfather. Another uncle has made documents of ration card etc at the tenanted premises though he never stayed there. Now the landlord wants to pay the compensation for vacating the said premises. Whether he should take consent of all legal heirs before paying the compensation to purchase another residential property ? What is the status of other legal heirs in this situation? Your legal views will b highly appreciated.