Jilted vengeful Girl..PLease help

Girl approaches BOY for marriage..boy refuses due to different religions.girl seduces boy into physical relationship.boy slips.girl keeps record of every whatsapp data call recordings.pictures of self inflicted cut injuries acccused to be done by the boy,actual events twisted and sent in whats app messages to collaborate..boy suspects foul play,tries to move away..mother of girl threatens him with dire consequences or to leave the girl.boy moves ahead.mother comes to boys home and accuses the boy of molesting her daughter.girl whatsapp the boy from hospital after a ? failed suicide attempt blaming her own mom for the event for turning up at his house...boy still dosent respond..after somedays someone texts from her no thaT SHES no more .boy realizes it as attenion seeking behaviour..story ends..boy gets married aftr a few months.suddenly the old girl appear n try to contact the boys wife.wife dosent respond and in a weeks time she files fir of rape assault unnatural sex cheating under sec 376.323,417. chargesheet not filed yet.strong evidence of girl claiming of boys good behaviour and her admission that from inception she knew the boy wont go against his familys descision yet fir mentions of false promise of marriage,penetration,beating etc etc fake. what needs to be done?can fir be quahed if girl compromise (chances unlikely) or chargesheeet be changed to liking?or run into trials?