Inter caste marriage

Hello, I'm glad that provided a platform for many people to accept their various questions and give right advice. Here is my question, I'm a 22y 4m old girl in love with a 21y 6m old boy. We are from a different caste & background so this is the issue, I'm a gujarati and the boy is a telugu. We tried convincing my parents but we only received negative responses. The boy received threatening calls and was warned. As per the special marriage act, we are eligible to marry and then take support from the police. But Is Arya Samaj marriage genuine? We have inquired about it and got all the details. We need suggestions before we proceed. We are looking forward to marry in arya samaj and get certificate. Will this be helpful for us to live together? Will this protect us from my parents? I hope police will send notice to the parents after we show them our marriage certificate and we will be safe then. I would like some suggestions on this, Is this is the best way to proceed ? As I'm ready to go against my parents for my love, I need to do take right steps for a better future with my boy. Please advice the best!