Facing Harrasment from Neighbors every second day

Hi, I am staying in a colony for more than 21 years and so my neighbors, and facing alot of threats from my neighbors in the past two months. My neighbors finds excuse to create nuisance every other Day. We had recently bought a car, and we spoke to them earlier to empty our space of car parking. The nuisance have been creating since our car has arrived. I doubt they have suspiciously tried damaging it as well. Every second day they come n fight with us on space to trespass. But we leave enough space for them, still they want more space, we suggested them to trespass from behind if it's not possible from front, but they are not willing to do so, and adment to their thing that they want to trespass from front only. I park my car below my house as there is a electric pole in front of our house and electricity board is not ready to replace it somewhere else as they said its the last pole hence can't be removed. Also our house is the corner one. And a lot of cars pass from the road, my new car once have been smashed slightly by someone at night and we did not even knew about it on which I stopped lending space ti them and they created nuisance on that. Even yesterday they started threatening us by saying they will purposely damage our property if this is not done our way. There are only females in the family. And the neighbors son harrass us everyday, we are seeking help and legal advice on the same, kindly help us. Thank you