Muslim divorce

Respected Sir, Since the start of my marriage, my in-laws never allowed me and my husband to live happily and peacefully. They wantedly fought for petty issues and they were extremely overpossessive over their son. I had two sons with my husband in four years of our marriage. Before six months, one day, because of my mother-in-law, my father in law slapped me on my face and I stopped his hand when he was going to slap me for the second time. Since I stopped him from hitting me, he sent me out of his home in absence of my husband. Six months have passed by, but I never got any call from my husband. Neither he attended my call. He never bothered to ask about his own children also. When my parents went to his home to talk and tried to reconcile us, my husband and my in-laws put many false allegations on me (which I never did). I can't forgive my husband for putting false allegations on me. And he never gave any money for his children related expenses. He never bothered to ask about his kids also past six months. He never tried to meet his kids nor contact them. He abandoned me and my children totally from six months. He never provided any money for our medical expenses and dumped us. And also put many false blames on me which I never did. Keeping muslim law in mind, what legal action can I take to teach my husband and my in-laws a good lesson? Please advice me sir. I will be very thankful to you. May God bless you. Thank you.