Faulty Laptop

I bought a lenovo laptop in July 2014 from the lenovo's official website and the product came with 3 year warranty which also included one year accidental damage protection warranty. However, since the time I have bought this laptop it has been having some sort of issues or other. Firstly, the silvery portion of the laptop became grayish/black which on highlighting to the company, they said it is a cosmetic damage which is not covered under warranty. Later, the laptop got a crack on the top right side on its own. After that, the laptop's mother board went off and the service center person told me that the repairing will make the crack go wide. I had no other option but to go for it. After that the crack became even bigger and hence forcing me to use it in just one position without disturbing the body. Now, the left side keys have stopped working. Since the laptop is in warranty, the company is ready to repair, however, not ready to replace it. As the laptop is no more a laptop now and due to never-ending problems with it, can I move the consumer court on this issue?