Harassment by brother with police support

Sir.I am 39year old ex-service man.living in dakshinpuri Delhi.my mother is 79 now it is the matter of [deleted].mother's second neck operation done on AHRR delhicant [deleted].after some time .my brother and his wife beating saviral times but mother didnot taken both names.and they are blame on me and my wife.so we had done MLC of mother on [deleted].after MLC next day a police head constable Pradeep gaur came at my home on [deleted] .he asked to mother who will beat you then mother told both names Mr Shripal and his wife in present of my sister uncle and some Street resident.brother refused to look after my mother in future.after 5days Shripal wife and her daughter's beaten my wife. About door locking matter my wife call 100no for police support. Pcr arrives at 10min later.and advice both family longer their complaint to ambedkar nagar police station next morning.my wife going to police station with written complaint but dairist did not longer my complaint on register so my wife called to Pradeep gaur who was I/O of our area. he replied you are written complaint give to my subordinate and when I come back in police station then solve your problem. after handover our complaint my wife return back to home.but H/constable Pradeep gaur came at my home after 2days on [deleted] around 1845 hrs. and call up my self and my brother.we reached police station by 1930hrs and forced to compromise each other.I replied when you are not longer my complaint so how you pressuresise on me. this matter is between both wives.why you called us .H/c Pradeep gaur SI AKJha misbehave and torture only me .but nothing to ask my brother.both are detained in police station by Si AK Jhamagistrateime .I refused his compromise offer so he compristionment in police station after medical formalities at 0200hrs on [deleted] night without meal. and shown in report we are fighting and both are arrested at our resident next day police present us in front of Special executive magistrate obout crpc 151/107.we filled bond and release. and sem court taken next date on [deleted].we are present on this date and I objection this alligation charge on me are fully wrong and fake.I want to ask that police man he do this.than sem order to callup Pradeep gaur and reply .but that H/con not present on this dates like [deleted], [deleted], [deleted], [deleted], at last he present on [deleted]. Than magistrate sir allow to me for questioning to H/con his replies submitted to sem court and sem taken new date on [deleted]. I am harassment by police and my brother.what we do please give legal advice.than I will take necessary action against both. Thanks. Ramraj maurya E-87 Dakshinpuri New Delhi 110062 Ph-[deleted].