Divorce case

Sir , i am married women for 5 years . i also have a child of 3 years old. From the beginning of our marriage we had problems regarding dowry and others .last i was staying with my husband in Bangalore . recently on 7th December when i came to my parental house at kolkata for my son's school vacation , my husband sent me divorce paper on the ground of cruelty. My whole family was in shock after getting this paper and we field 498 A and later Domestic violence case . in 498 a case he gave good amount of money to police station and by the help of the police they got bail from the court without any objection. i am a MBA but not working but searching for job . My parents are retired government employee. They are supporting me financially . now my question is to you how long i have to wait for alimony ? i filed the DV case on 10th march 2016 against my Husband and Inlaws but my inlaws and my husband is not receiving the court papers intentionally . if they are not receiving how long it will take to get alimony ? how to stop him to go out of the country? M i suppose to responsible for collecting the evidence about his financial status cause i have nothing except his office address ? my husband is a IT professional and get salary of 1.5 lacs per anam . other financial savings he use to keep on his parents accounts. so do i have right on that? his parents are financially depend on him and during marriage they had no savings. My inlaws have a house in kolkata airport which is bought by my husband in the name of his mother on 2012 so do i have right to claim on that property cause my husband is loan payer for that property? presently my husband is not talking to my son and me by any media and not supporting me by giving any finance. i am not ready to give him divorce and want him to suffer the way me and my child is suffering. please tell me how can i give him more trouble by legal way ??? My husband also told me that he is not working just to avoid to pay alimony . if he says to court that he is not working then will i not get alimony? Most important question is after how long of not staying with my husband court will declare for divorce cause i dont want to give him divorce. Please helping me by answering my questions.