Wife refuses to stay with.

Since last three years I have been undergoing huge trouble. I reside in a suburban area near Kolkata and my wife was a resident of Kolkata. Since our marriage she has been insisting me to take a rented house in the city and I didn't turn up as my parents are old and they are ill too. She left her matrimonial house after conceiving (2014) and after the birth of my child every time I asked her to come back with child every time she delayed and now she and her parents are insisting me to stay near their house as she is the only child and her parents want her to stay near. In this situation what can I do? Even they don't allow me to meet my child regularly. Initially I thought this could be due to any other relationship of my wife and hired a private detective agency to inquire but according to their report she moves only in between office and home. My first choice is to get my wife and child back. Please suggest me how it will be possible. Now I am 33 year old and should I have to live the rest of my life in this quagmire? Nowadays whenever I ask her to come back she threatens me of adopting legal action against me like 498. I am now being sick of this matter. I want either of the two following options 1. If she comes back with child and stay with us, my parents also miss their grandchild 2. If she doesn't comeback then I want freedom from this deadlock but I want to meet my child regularly Please somebody suggest me the right path. What can I do now? Should I have to suffer for the rest of the life just because I am a man and she is a woman?