Harassment, Allegation, Abuse Threatening Help Needed

Respected Sir, It all started when i had a breakup with a girl in october 2015 as she was found cheating on me. I wanted to know the reason of cheating but she refuse to give any explanation.But her brother abused me threatened me for murder threatened my mother for rape through regular voice calls during durga puja.My ex-girlfriend's roommate's boyfriend called me up and threatened me for murder with aggressiveness. I told my parents about the matter but they set me back and didn't allow me to take any legal action. Again my ex-girlfriend's brother started sending me annoying abusive offensive messages about my and my family personal life through sms calls and social media.Information which he knows to be false, but for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience, danger, ,insult, injury, enmity, hatred, or ill will, persistently makes by using his smartphone regularly.He was doing this not from his own social networking profile but from her sister's profile(my ex-girlfriend). He was continuously offensive words about my mother and father. I was mentally very disturbed and depressed by all these. I Spent a lot of sleepless night with anger and depression but still my presents stopped me forced me not to take any legal actions.My ex-girlfriend made many a hell lot of false allegations through sms and calls that i took 1 lakh rupees from her. She is the one looking after my family financially ,i have done cyber crime and what not.(just becuase i m a software engineer ).Still my parents told not to take any action I was feeling helpless. On January 2016, I receive a call from Chaibasa Mahila Samiti with abusive languages that My girlfriend's mother complaint that my girlfriend wants breakup.Her family belongs to Chaibasa jharkhand.But we had our breakup long time a ago in October 2015.I said its a false complaint but that lady doesn't listened to me and kept the rude abusive tone of her and ask me to come to chaibasa to give my opinion on the matter.When my mother spoke to her she agreed that it was a false complaint and she said she was unware of the fact that it was false.But after days she called me up and told that i was disturbing her mother by calling her continously but i don't have my girlfriend's mother number how can i call.Still my parents asked not to take any legal action. I was very depressed and was on depression pills.The amount of pressure and stress and anger i was unable to handle it.They were harassing me mentally.I called my girlfriend up to know the reason why she was doing this.She and her brother again started abusing me and my family and blaming me for all the false allegation.I was fedup and stopped the calls The matter slowed up till 25 th feb till i again got a call from Chaibasa Mahila Thana Prabari (Who pretends to be a Thana Prabari but i doubt) Stating that I and My mother are disturbing my ex-girlfriend's mother. Again that was a false complaint as I don't have her mother's number you can even trace my number out.She talked to me in a very rude as if i am criminal and asked me to come to Chaibasa. I deined .She even sent a false Noticed without any Legal Stamp on it and Without Stating any reason why should i come to Chaibasa without mentioning what i have done she not even mentioned what she had said on phone.15 Days past not even a call from so called Mahila thana Prabari for the reason of not coming to Chaibasa.So I called My ex-Girlfriend's Brother that it was a fake notice in April 2016. The very next Day i got a call from That False Maliha Thana Lady she was bulling me and said in a very rude n aggressive manner now i will send a notice to your local police station.I said ok and she put the call down. But I again called her and told that i want to speak to any male senior officer in charge. But she was unable to process my request she was unable to give any Officer's Number.She was unable to give even the Landline Number of police station. She simply said i don't know and i don't sit at "Thana" ( I Thought then Where the you sit as she was calling herself thana prabari) .She requested me not to call again and again as she was getting disturbed while asking about the Officers and Landline Number. Next Day Again She Callled me up and said that she is sending the notice to my local police station and she kept bulling me for the false notice that she has sent and put the phone down immediately. I didn't called her back and put all the numbers in blacklist as i am getting disturbed and harassed by them mentally.Still I havn't taken any legal step from my side till now because of my parents.But I want to Now its high time.I cann't live my life like this.i cannot even work properly cann't do my office work. Is there any end to this any solution to stop this and to punish them as well. All the calls are recorded using a app and kept to a safe place.Similarly all the sms and conversations are backed up and kept to a safe place as well. Please Help me Sir