2nd divorce

I am 28 years old) . First marriage was love marriage but I was not living with him. The marriage was only on documents of Nagar nigam when I was 21 years old. Socially also nobody was aware of this. Thereafter, due to some circumstances, we took mutual divorce. Now, one year ago when I was 26 , I did arrange Marriage with a fraud person who told me that he is earning 1LPA and he has done his Post graduation from US and L&T (Larsen and Tubro) has given amount for his PG. He was saying a continuous lie and also he took gold loan on all my gold received as marriage gifts from both side of the families. He took loan just after 5 months of marriage.I have photocopy of receipts of token card given against gold. He lied me that he have kept the gold in locker. At the time of Marriage registration, I had mentioned 'single' instead of 'divorcee' at the time of application form filling for marriage registration. Our marriage got registered at Uttrakhand. Now he is earning nothing. I am post graduate have recently registered a firm. I want a handsome amount from them so as to secure my life fr future. I will prefer judicial separation../ divorce as second preference. Please guide me what should I do.