Quash fir

Hi, An FIR is filed in my name in 420 section before two years. This FIR filed based on high court order and with out enquiring me. The case is investigation stage and no progress for the past two year. The case back ground is, I have stolen their car along with one more person who is added as first person in the complaint. Back ground: I invested for a travel company with the name of my wife. The company was run by other two persons. They both have given loans to each other and they have problem at some point where the company in loss. One person filed a case in high court who included me as well with the second person. The second person is having the first one car for their loan settlements. Now both of them are not caring about the case and doing their work. I am from professional background and I am having onsite opportunity. I would like to quash this case.I haven't involved in any activity except investing money in their company. Please let me know the steps to proceed further. Thanks in Advance.