Partition among Legal Heirs - Reg

My grandfather died in 1974 and my grandmother died during 1986, leaving my father and another son as Legal Heirs for their properties. The brother of my father died during 2002 leaving behind legal heirs a spouse, 2 sons and a married daughter. During August 2006 a partition deed has been executed between my father and legal heirs of deceased son excluding the married daughter. In the partition deed 4 properties were distributed in 2 Schedules. In Schedule A my father allotted 1 property, in schedule B the legals heirs 3 Nos. each got 1 property each. In the partition deed it was mentioned each property is worth of Rs,11,00,000/- in total amount involved in the partition deed is RS.44,00,000/-. My Question is:- 1. My father has a spouse and 4 daughter, neither the spouse nor the daughters signed in the executed above said partition deed. Since the property being the ancestral property I have any right to file civil suit for claiming my right. 2. Normally a partition deed has to be equally made between both parties. Whereas in the above partition my father has allotted 1 property worth of 11 Lakh and in the other part 3 properties allotted for the worth of 33 Lakh. Whether this is right? Or I have the right to dispute over the issue in the court of law. 3. My father has disposed the property he has acquired in the partition deed during September 2006. In the above circumstance what is the solutions, kindly direct me.