I am confused whether its a crime record or not?

Dear Sir, One months back I was went to an recharge shop at 11:30 PM at that time the shop were closed usually in that particular shop they recharge even after shop closed by knocking the door they give response.. Unfortunately on that time I was knocking the door they didn't respond me at that time one of the cop was came and ask me what u doing here and I replied sir I just came here for recharge .. Then he ask me y u knocking the closed door.. It was unfortunate he didn't believe me.. And he drag me to the police station.. And record my name address info in diary. And they also kepted my bike in station and ask me to bring my ration card and get back d bike.. And next day I went there with my ration card .. They said u have to come commissioner office to prove u r not guilty.. Then I said ok.. They get my fingerprints and again they recorded my info in a sheet attached with my photo.. I went there with two of my friends for surety.. I didn't even know what happening i am only agreed to there for what they said.. And I went there then they get me to the commissioner she ask me y u roaming at nights.. (I knw roaming in late night is d major fault but I didn't do anything guilty) again I said I just went for recharge my mobile it was emergency though.. Then she said this ur warning if u caught next time u have to pay for it.. Is this a major criminal record? Is this affect me to get passport..