Sir . My husband build the house by contract agreement 14 square feet persqrt 125000 then total 175000 and wood work 3 lakhs. In agreement my father in law sign(house is his name) and contractor sign.but now he did not complete our home within 6 months.and didn't wood work. He complaint police station to me and my husband will give more money bcs I have build their house extra sqrt feet so give extra money per sqrt .and we gave him 18 lakhs.I have contractor sign .why he complaint to me? My work is I give money to him and get sign only.shall I put mana nasta vazhaku to him?.if he did extra sqrt feet to our house.can we say don't give extra money.bcs no paper documentation that' he said to the police come again scale their house( our home). If I did to me more money.what we do pls good one to me.pls tell me good point to us to say police station . Before build house agreement only 14 sqrt feet.and he say I did not money from Thiers.I return 3 lakhs.he lie to the police.but I have the document with his sign getting money from me. By Reka