Notice period of one months

I am tenant in pune region. I sent the 1 month notice period to my landlord to vacate the flats. Notice sent to him on 06- APR-2016 to vacate flat on 01-May-2016. Now my landlord is claiming that i have to pay rent for 2 months (APR and MAY as well) , he says that as u sent notice on 06-Apr-2016 which is 6 days delay and 1 month from that will be 05-May-2016 you need to pay May month rent as well. I asked to prorate the rent for 6 days, but he is not ready. Even he is not agree to deduct rent amount from deposite amount as well. Please suggest. Below is clause written in my agreement: " In the event of the party wishing to revoke the Deedof Leave and License during theperiod or after expiry of period as stated. Above either party shall give and state its intention to do so in writing to the other party atleast one month in advance and this Agreement can be revoked and security deposite of Rs.40000/- shall be repaid by the licensorto the licensee after handing over the peacefull possesion of the premises after deducting unpaid MSEB/bills&damages, to the premises or other dues " Please help me out with suggestion to resolve this issue. Thanks Vineet