F&F withheld

Sir, I am a Software Professional and was employed by a Indian firm. The company that employed me deputed me to company A which was actually implementing a software solution for company B.I was in direct contact with Company A for all my work. Company A is an Indian software multinational. The contract that happened in May 2015 required that I join employment in Pune. That i do. Later in Oct 2015 the employment contract was called off by the employer stating that the project with Company A is completed and i was given one month notice period. That i served. Now my last salary (Nov2015) has been with held and not paid by my employer stating that they have not received payments from Company A. I have prior payslips, copy of employment and approved and signed time sheet until my last day of work(that show my attendance at work). I was in contact with the employer through phone and through emails. What are the legal resources available for me against the employer in India to get the withheld salary back.Can I also pursue action against company A as my employer has stated that they have not received payments from Company A and therefore they cannot pay me. The employer has also withheld monthly tax deductions(TDS) from my monthly pay.