Name infringment dispute

I worked for a company where i was takes as a core member. I made the company what it became like known to people. Then I myself started with the print edition of DUTimes. Then this guy who intially had the started to play cunning and came up saying he is the "owner" we all were shocked. We made another website called after that we decided to change the name altogether. We took over the facebook and instagram page that he claimed later on and took them back. We sent deletion request both got deleted but he sought instagram page back. Then we started from the scratch and made another company called He started to call us fraud and scammers in front of ppl when we used after that for a week or so we used that dutimes is now campusdrift to seek some levarage to our work from du times. See neither dutimes was registered as a company nor he has the trademark and after all I applied fr trademark on 9th Feb and he did it on 17th feb. Now he went to file a case of fraud and infringement because we allegedly used his name dutimes. I got a summon of 8th April and one of my friend who was the core member she too got it. Please help us out. We have stopped using the name anyway.