Harassment by Manager

Hi, This is in regards to mt Job in ATS services...all was going good, suddenly I was asked to leave. When I ask for reason...first they says that cline/customer is not happy with my work and so they have asked me to terminate....when I asked them to show me a proof, where and when customer has asked to terminate me...they says that they(manager) cannot show me the e-mail...few days later I ask them that if I am terminate, I need a termination letter from HR....and they again deny. post that I take this matter with labor office and assure that they will take an action.....The labor Official from Assam had call the HR and asked to resolve the issue asap....and at the same time Labor officer also stated that as per Jurisdiction. Your case falls under Meghalaya state jurisdiction so he cannot take any action. Few days later I lodge a complain in Meghalaya office and as of now no action has been taken...In the mean time, company issue him a transfer letter wherein he need to report at Kolkata office....that a kind of Punishment transfer given to me which I cannot accept as there is a security concern. also they had hold my salary for this month and now they are saying that they(Manager) will give the salary in front of Labor officer of Assam who has nothing to do with the case, as this case is register with Meghalaya Labor office. Please subject if I can file a legal notice ageist the company.