Indian Citizens married in India filed divorce in USA

Hi, I am Moorthy, married as per Hindu marriage act since 6 years with an Indian girl. I am in US since 8 years on a work visa and wife on my dependent visa. We have a 3 year old son who is a US citizen. She filed for divorce by accusing me of cruel treatment and charged me of domestic violence. She quickly wants to settle the divorce to get out of this relation and get the sole custody of our son. The way she framed me in domestic violence that ensures I may deported or visa rejected or job loss ultimately resulting in staying away from my son who she wants to settle in US. I am fighting legally just to ensure I can defend myself and be close to my son. I would like to come to back to India and fight the divorce there, since atleast I can be close to my son. I know US divorce are approved in India but I am also hearing not all the grounds of divorce are accepted. I don't want to settle the property distribution acquired after marriage both in US and India with her and come to know later our divorce cannot be accepted in India. What options do I have? If I reject US divorce, will she get "default" divorce and sole custody of my son?