Unpaid by Company for Freelance work

Hi, In 2013, i started working with a guy for his company as i knew him for long time. We worked together till Sep/Oct 2014. Till August 2014 payments were happening from that guy, but once i stopped working as it was going too hectic with payments delay, he didn't pay for rest of amount for which i had swapped my Credit card for Online advertising + my 15% Commission on total ad spends. When i use to be behind this guy, for 4 to 5 times he paid minimum amount due on my Credit card which is generally of no use as it goes behind Fine and other financial charges on Credit card. So since Sep/Oct 2014 till April 2016 he has not paid me my Credit Card swap for Ad spends and my commission. It is now affecting my CIBIL code. As i did freelance i had no documentation, but i have everything on email records, whatsapp record and call record. My total amount including my commission is more approx Rs.50,000 which is ideally big amount for me. What can be done in this case.? Can i complaint in Labour court or i do need legal adviser/lawyer to send the notice. ? Please help !