What action to be taken if Parent is not willing to give property

Respect Sir, Greetings Of The Day! Sir, My Grand Father have 3 Sons and i am the elder son of my Grandfather elder son. Actually the matter of concern is regarding property division. We have a home & 2 handloom product shop. My grandfather intention is not well regarding my Father from very starting and seems that he is not willing to give our part in property(immovable + movable). From very stating and till date they are torturing us for every single rupee. My Grand Parents loves their 2nd son & their family the most. Every paper, document, money and details is with my Elder uncle and they are not disclosing to anyone. Whenever asking they are not telling or simply telling there is no money. Before i was child so its going like this as my parents are so simple but now we grown up and its time to think for my younger sister marriage and i am also preparing for exam so very tensed about this. What necessary action should we take to overcome situation and also to get our part in the property? Eagerly waiting for your reply. Thanks & Regards,