query on temporary injunction order vacation

I started house construction with help of my father. Everything was undergoing with his control smoothly. After terracce or roof construction of my house, my neighbour brought temporary injunction order saying that we are damageing his in-laws house and we are not constructing house as per sacantion plan. In local court, we had argument and pleased for removal of temporary injection order. Duration of injunction order was till June 2014.. But till date, we didn't get judgment for removal of injunction order. Few more points,I would like to share are. : 1. During basement construction, My neighbor orally agreed for my house construction with fence attached to his house. But now, he is showing this fence as illegal construction by saying it is damaging his house. 2. His property does not proper documents. It is not his name or his in-laws name. It is still in his in-laws mother name.. And they don't have proper mother deed for their house. 3. With oral agreement, I constructed fence without living spac