Cheating complaint

Hello, I wanted to know if I can file a cheating complaint against someone for breaking the promise of marriage. I had been in a relationship with this guy for 1.5 years now and it started only after confirming that his intentions were to marry me. He was very clear on that. I had informed my family about this guy but he was always making excuses when asked about informing his parents. All the infinite times that i asked him about his parents agreement, he always maintained that they will agree and if they dont then we will convince them. Now, after all these days and pressure from me and family to inform his parents, he told me that parents are against our marriage and so he cannot continue with me anymore. He simply forgot all the promises of convincing them for us and stuff. He used to be at my place every night. I trusted him and gave all the love and affection i could. I trusted him when he said that he will convince his parents in case they dont agree. Now, my condition is pathetic. I am not sure of my actions now a days. I feel cheated. I want this guy to learn the lesson that he cannot just enjoy and leave. He has to take responsibility. I understand that he is a cheat and now if we get married, he and his family will torture me to hell. But I want him to know that girls are not toys to play and leave them. Thanks