Custody of girl child

Helo sir/ madam.My divorce case is on in Ludhiana court from October 2015.I was living with my parents from August 2014. I have a daughter also.She born in October 2013.She was also living with me.With mutual agreement, my in laws filed the case.We spent 50 lakhs on wedding including jewellery.They signed on a agreement of 24 lakhs and jewellery to b given to us.Jewelry is already given to us and 12 lakhs also.remaining 12 should be given in April 2016 on final hearing.when I was living with my parents, my husband didn't even cal a single time for her daughter.but later,when the time of case filling was coming,they demand for daughter.I gave her to them on October 2015.because my parents want me to marry again and our relatives also pressurized to give the child to them.It was my biggest mistake in life.She is my weakness.I love her from my heart.I can't live without her.I want my daughter back at any cost.In court I signed on paper that I will not belonged to her.I give custody to them.after 15 days from filling case,till now,I am asking them to give her to me..but they are denying. Final hearing is in April.what to do to get her back.what to say to judge when he ask me that why u give her.I don't want (kharcha) money for daughter.please daughter is two and half year old now