Possession of Rented House

My father had taken a Home on rent in Kalyan in 1974-75, a Central Suburb in Mumbai, Maharashtra. We lived there till June 2008. My father passed away in 1998. The original owner passed away in 1986 , after which there was no owner to the property due to which we did not pay any rent. In the year 2002 while making repairs to the house a trust came to us saying they have received the property in gift & they are owners to which we which objected and did not pay any rent to them. Since the property was very old and heavy amount was required for repairs which I could not afford, I left that home and got another home in the same city on rent. I had not left my possession for this old property, I had paid electricity and water charges till I was living in the house i.e. till June 2008. After couple of years I purchased my own house in same city. My mother passed away in Dec.2014. Me and my brother both have ownership houses in same city. The rent for the property ( since there was no owner) is paid till 1986. Electricity and water charges are paid till June 2008. I have a married sister , who does not have any house property in her name. The house is in very bad condition , the roof of one room is collapsed , walls are damaged due to rain and white ants, and may collapse in rainy season. The owner is asking for possession of house. Do I have any legal point to keep the house with me/us and repair it ?