Land issue

My grandmother had a house at our local place in Andhra Pradesh. After my grandfather expired, we brought her to the place where we stay to look after her. She had 4 daughters. Now she stays with my mother who is elder daughter of 4. Due to financial problems, we wanted to sell the house of hers so that money we get will be useful for her medical problems. Selling of the property responsibility was taken by my father for noble cause and we got a party who wants the house. After various negotiations, we finally decided to sell the house to the party. Now, due to some misunderstandings, rest 3 sisters with their husbands decided to file a case and get the stay order. Registration for the house will be in 2-3 days. But if we get the stay order, can we initiate the registration process. After registration, we wanted to settle the amount we get to all the 4 sisters equally (My mother's share will be used for my grandmother medical expenses). But now there are against us now. Please suggest what can we do if we get stay order before registration. Regds Madhav