Problem with Husband and his parents

Hello, i got married in 2008 and have one daughter 7 years old. I have been getting mental harassment by my husband parents . My husband is not staying with me he is in gulf country.When he was here he used to beat me and my daughter and his parents just see all this and say this happen in every house. I was pregnant they took me to doctor and did aborted , by saying that we dont have experiences to take care of this child. I have been telling my father to take me home but , he say no if you will leave this house his parents will take this and will say that your daughter has left this house .His parents dose not have a house the place where they are staying is given by my father but in the registry my husband second name is mentioned please tell me how can i solve this problem? They have taken lots lots of money from my parents as they don't have money , they will give it once they have still the create mess for me , every time they ask me to take care of my daughter school fee and other expenses which i have been doing from binning and i don't take single money from them . MIL influence is lot on my husband that he is least bother about me. its last 8 months have crossed we don't talk to each other , even when he was here in India he used to drink every day , please tell me whom should i consult and where can i get help from .