Divorce and alimony

Ours is CSI Christian marriage, married on 4th July 2008. So, engagement expense is ours and marriage expense was my husbands. But, after marriage I slowly understood that everything that they said was lies. Like his education(MSc, MBA), job(own hospital) his family(crorepathy) everything was lie. I was working as Software Engineer, but he dint allow me to go for job, he asked me to forget that I am MCA and I am Engineer, as they were giving build up saying that they are rich.Till I gave birth, he looked after me well. My parents also told me to listen to him. But, he never buys me clothes also once my son was born, my parents have been giving for all my personal expenses. Just, in fear of spoiling name in society, still they are fearing for the same. He beats me like hell and does not have any responsibility towards me and my son. If I ask him he threatens me to beat me more and break my bones, teeth, etc, he has no love for me or my son. He will not take me or my son to hospital also, in case of any disease or injury. If he has no money then only he will speak nicely, to make me ask for money with my parents again. My dad sacrificed land deal and told my husband to buy and be happy with me. I gave all money and my jewellery for that land. But, as the time is nearing to own the land, he is torturing us like anything. He is becoming more abusive day-by-day. He is daily asking me to die and says "this much I am torturing and beating on your head so much, but then you are not becoming mental? also" like this. I am not able to bare, My health is spoiling, I got heart problem, forgetfulness, back, shoulder, neck pains even my son aged 7 years is saying fear due to fights at home. With all the pains I have to do all the house chores and he sexually abuses me more only after beating me. I tried to get job with my dads help, but could not get, because he will fight with me when there is interview. So I stopped seaching, I am forgetting what I am studying. Will I able to get divorce and alimony and share in that land.