E-commerce website

Hi, I would like to know legal mandatory regarding business requirement.. I'm going to start e-commerce website, online shopping website where sellers from across india can create there stores for multiple categories like Food, Fashion, Electronic, Home Need products. All these sellers will be local to their respective location buyers and most of them will be small/medium size business merchants like chat center, bakery store, ice cream parlour whose income/sell may not cross 4 - 5 lakhs per year. My query here is, as website owner where i'm providing platform for multiple sellers to sell there products and my website will not generate any bills to customers, sellers will provide there respective bills either in printed/manual format to customer. Do i need to maintain/collect records of sellers TAN/PAN/VAT or MSME, IIP kind of legal documents with me either is original/xerox copies. If i do not hold there documents related to taxation, will i be facing issues legally. Thanks Praveen