I am Not Happy with Marriage, wife keeps threaten me of divorce.

Hi, I just need advice on should I file divorce first before my wife put any wrong allegation on me and my family? She do not want to make the things works even when i fulfill all her demands. Its been two year of marriage now we have 2 months old daughter as well. My mother died 10 days before our marriage because of sudden heart attack. Me and my whole family was in a trauma and just after 2 days of marriage she asked me for Divorce because she did not found attention. At this tough time instead of supporting me she create issue over unnecessary thing like buy me Jewelry, I want to do job etc. I never said no I asked her to wait at least for some time, this is not the time to buy Jewelry as for 10 months we are not suppose to buy gold etc. still I was taking her out for ice cream, snacks etc. even my family did not like that. She expect we should be around her giving her all the attention, I explained her many many time just help support my family at least in this tough time, but she told me you betrayed me ruined my life. After that there were continuous fight happening for some or other reason like: my father and sister want the things to be done as my mom was doing as a emotional attachment towards my mother but she purposely did things opposite. she can not wear saree properly, she can not cook - that was ok not a great deal but she was not interest to even learn the things. I was kept telling her just manage for some time as I was working in Bangalore and going to take her with me soon. She was giving reply to my family thinking my family pressurize her on every thing. Finally my father thought if we me and my wife live alone things will be better, so they forcefully sent us to Bangalore even I was not ready to leave them in tough time. I have job in Bangalore After coming to Bangalore she started telling me to keep distance from my famliy, why you always think of your family etc. I had a bike and I almost took her out for everyday for dinner, snacks etc. after coming from office. we went to Ooty and Goa trip as well during long weekend and she liked it. we starting having fights regularly for family related issues. Finally she left me in Bangalore. I went to her home to take her after 1 month but she refused to come. Even I was so frustrated still I continuously called her to patch up the thing with her but she changed her nos. no one from her family let me talk to her or gave her ph no. After 2 months I got really pissed off and wanted to move on the life with or without her, this time I kept my cool called her parents, brother finally got her no, than started calling her, slowly she agree, she was in mumbai working there as an HR trainee (in Mumbai she got job as English is not mandatory in that company it seems.), then I went twice to mumbai from bangalore to take her, she came with me second time. This time we decided to go with a fresh start and will not talk about family things at all. it was good for some time, but her attitude was the same when she get chance to say anything wrong or complain about my family she will do. Finally I moved to US with her, which I was before marriage, and she married to just because I am only son and was working in US. After coming to US she frustrated more as here other indian girls are smart and she can not speak English even she is MBA from good college (that is a different story) also she frustrated of her failure in life like she wanted to be an IAS (without doing any hard work,she thought some magic will happen and she will become IAS ), wanted to do job in Bangalore (I took her for many interview but she was asked work on basic communication first) in Mumbai she got job as English is not mandatory there. She got pregnant here in US during all nine months she troubled me to the core, I understand she was going through feeling harmonal and emotional changes so I support her to my best in all ways. she says anything to my family and again we fought all nine months. she did not took care of baby properly as well she fell down on her own telling I harassed her. Even it is not very safe to travel during pregnancy stil every alternate day I took her out for dinner or coffee to make her feel fresh and less frustrated during pregnancy. Even taking all risk during her pregnancy I took her for 3 days trip to a water based theme park around 4 hr one way drive as she was crying to go for the trip. somehow our baby girl came to this world in 26 Jan 2016. we were happy. she starting now fighting on that me and my family are not happy (for what reason god knows) still my wife did not changed a bit showing same fighting attitude, always telling me why I married her and Its her make that she married to me. after a severe we were not talking from last week but she got issues with that too. we had recently 2 severe fight after that I lost all my hope which I was having till now. I still wanted to continue but she is not ready only. please help me in this case.