Divorce pendency how interim maintenance is adopted with 125crpc

My friend case maintenance case was closed in nampally court hyderabad., hon'ble court saying that both wife and husband is living together unfortunately wife left the matrimonial home with out husband concerned and harashed with filing complaint in police station and Sub inspector said that arrange a elders debate and declare a resolution by elders and submit a copy in police station. In this elders resolution is wife and husband should live together with happily and according to customs and traditions all ornaments and dowry should be given back to husand with pardon. But wife father filed a criminal case (i.e, private complaint ) 498A which was contested and husand and his mother was acquittal in 498A case mean while husand filed divorce case which is running parallely along with MC., 498A, divorce in this MC, 498A was closed. In divorce case wife filed seeking 125(2) interm maintenance that she was unable to survive adopted with sec24 of Hindu marriage act in divorce case finally in this 125(3) execution petition was filed by wife to pay interim maintenance and stopped to examine the parties of petitioner and witnesses in divorce case saying to pay the arears of 125crpc of maintenance. My question is how to stop the 125(3) crpc execution in divorce case. and what way how to continue witness examination in divorce case