False DV allegations & Threats to file case

Hi, We got married 4 years back, and around a month after our marriage I proposed to my wife that lets open a joint account to start saving for future or maybe we can invest in property etc. She out-rightly rejected it informed her parent that I want her money (Although in last 4 years have not taken a single penny from her- She is working with a very high salary 7 figure but every month I still give her money for shopping expenses etc.) Six months after our marriage my wife started having some medical issues. We visited couple of Lady doctors (Gyn.) and they asked her for some test and post assessment my wife was diagnosed with some issues which affects her to get pregnant and also have High blood pressure & Hypertension, thyroid. She started blaming me & my parents for pressure on her and that due to our lifestyles, eating habit food she is suffering all these diseases and that we don't provide for us etc. In between we switched 3 doctors and these doctors are among best in India for female issues and she always told them these symptoms started 4-5 months after our marriage. Now days she gets hyper very easily start abusing my parents, physically attack me couple of times and threatens me that she will file case against me of giving wrong facts before marriage (Which is baseless) and take away everything from u. Recently I came to know that she already was suffering from BP, Female issues and even had issues with her spine a year or two before we met something which was never told to us or to the doctors we met so far. Off late she is persistent that I make her nominees on my FD’s, Life Insurance etc. which I find bothersome. I am worried about a false DV/498a case and thinking of ending up the marriage as she is in mood to listen and her parents are protecting her. To make this marriage work I even suggested visiting a family counselor to which she never agrees. She even invited a lawyer to visit us at home and intimidate me in pretext of counseling and told him that I & my family member beat her. Can I file for divorce on ground that her medical history was never mentioned and she kept hiding the facts? Or Can I do something else to protect myself and family members. Thanks for your advice, Needysouls