How can I breach the service bond by company

I am an Mba student and I was placed in a company which I joined from 15th feb 2016, my employer has signed 2 years so called bond(stamp paper of 100 rs) from me and the clauses are pretty vague. There are many mistakes in the draft of the document like - at some places the tenure for bond period mentioned is 24 months and somewhere it is 1 year and that too after the permanent employment of the employee. But Still I am on my probation period. And it is mentioned that if for any reason the said employee wishes to leave the services of the company , he/she has to pay the indemnification amount of Rs 1 lac for the expenses made on his/her rigorous training. But the training given is none, instead I am working as a full time trained employee from the day 1. And I want to leave the services because I am not getting any financial returns, as my salary mentioned in my offer letter was 18k in hand +2 lac variable, but i am only paid Rs 10000 per month for initial probationary period, but the thing of paying 10000 is not mentioned anywhere in writing. Hence , I feel betrayed and the atmosphere is not at all good where employees have to work at an extend of normal working hours(10 hours a day). I want to leave the services of the company and I seek help from you that what actions can my employer take against me and I even do not want an experience certificate from my employer, whether still I am liable to pay the amount in the bond which is literally a betrayal and harassment.