Cheque bounce false case

Hi Sir, In 2012, I received a notice from a person stating that I owe him Rs. 1.85 lacs and he submitted the cheque to the bank which was returned by the saying insufficient funds. First of all I was only 24 years old at that time and The bank account which he referred to was my salary account from my first job which I didn't use at all, after I left that job in 2010 Secondly, I have never met/known/seen that person before The person says that my company gave him this cheque in order to make a payment for a tour package I bought from him for my customer (I never had any tour company, I have done my bachelor degree from a reputed Delhi University college and have always worked with MNCs) I moved to Bangalore in 2012 and eventually got married in 2013. This person keeps on sending me notices and summons, even after telling him that I have no connection to the entire case. In 2014, I received a non-bailable warrant against me after which I had to travel to Delhi to appear in the court and I narrated the entire story to the h'ble judge saying that I was newly married and if this case goes on it impacts my relation with my in-laws The judge exempted me from the case and eventually we got to know that the case was dismissed But last week, a Delhi Police personnel visited my house in Bangalore and said he has warrants against me and I have to appear in the Delhi court in May 2016. I am very much stressed and tensed over this false case against me. I never gave any cheque to anyone for such purposes. My bank account statements do not show any cheque was bounced and even the signatures on the cheque do not match with my signatures. I even got an attested copy of my signatures in that bank and submitted it in the court and it clearly shows signature mistmatch. Please help me in getting out of this false case against me. i can not travel to Delhi again and tell my in-laws about it. It will damage the relation forever.