HUF property distribution

Dear Sir, I have a small query regarding HUF property as below : My father is only son of my grandparents. He is an adopted child. My grand parents are no more. My father Holds an HUF property ( Hindu ancestral property). The property is transferred on his name in Najol. We are four daughters of my dad and our mom is no more. 1) In the view of amendment to the Hindu Succession law 2005, can one of the daughters claim for partition in the Huf property even when the karta ( my dad) is alive? 2) What will happen after our dad's death I.e can he make a will to transfer the property in four equal shares. 3) Can Our dad transfer or gift the property to someone other than four daughters or to one of the four daughters? 4) If my dad got the property registered in Najol does that mean it is transferred on his name as an individual property and now it's no more an HUF property? If he is paying tax as a HUF property tax band then how the tax band can be transferred to an individual property ? 5)if one of the daughters filled a case against that property, will that stop us from selling it ? 6) if the pan card to an individual property pan card for taxation , will that change the status of HUF to individual status ? Thanks for your time and reply