Please Advice.

I am running out of an issues where i am recently married of 1 Years 2 Months old and it is an arrange marriage as per Hindu formalities. My wife live with me near 4-5 Months and the rest of the months she was living only with her parents and they were taking her for saying all stupid reason of formalities and other religious belief. The first time of pregnancy all medical reports are perfect when she go her mother home & when she came my home she said same day on the way of my home little pain we go to test immediately & after check up kid was miscarriage. After that we stayed together with my family for 9-10 months the one day she called her mother and went to agree another shot and we moved to rented home where she stayed only for 15 days and she again went to her parental home and is staying there since. Now i have been living separately for almost 2 months around. In the meanwhile, she was pregnant & all medical reports are here but she not any contact with me & I don’t know her treatment is running or not. When I contact to her she was saying me stupid things & fight with me. & behind this she was telling her relatives & neighbour we are not caring & support her. We have not registered the marriage so far... We had many clash between the family since i tried making understand my in-laws (Specially Mother in Law) that myself and my wife need to get understanding, they refused me a lot. In the beginning of our marriage life, I tried many times to speak with my wife but my mother in law put stupid things on my wife mind & my wife blindly trusts in my mother in-law. & she was support her to all small matters of my home & interferes my family matters and I am very worried about my kid who comes. and they are threatening me & my Mother in-law many times said to me she’ll go women cell / police station and arrest you and your whole family some she saint this in midnights i tried many times to save my marriage life but she repeated always & my wife full support her mother. Her totally harassing and threading / mental pressure and many time she clearly tell i don’t want divorce. she harass me mentally and she filed case in women cell / domestic violence / maintenance and every where she tell that i want to live with him but my statement always that i want cos she will kill me.. Please advice… How to protect me in this and i need to live with my wife I Love her but I don’t know she loved me or not. & it’s very difficult to me I trust her. Please advise me on this... i am from a middle class family and now I am not working (Searching a Job) I am do some little part time business but it is not enough for I give a rent & all other expensive in vasundhara & my wife know my condition therefore she is demanding her unnecessary things. How to proceed this further and either i need to live with her & with my Family happily or need to come out of this in a mutual separation. Since i know as per legal way now a day’s legally girls are adding value from government and like me many guys who are not doing any things facing lots of issues. This is just for prior intimation we are seeking no legal formalities since we understand it’s a family matter & it’s better if its sorted out mutually. Thanks,