Termination of pension

Good evening. I am an octageranian who had been receiving SSS (Swantrantrata Sainik Samman)pension as well as eastern railway pension on the same bank account number from SBI BEHALA for the last 25 yrs after the death of my husband. Suddenly last year from March 2015 my SSS pension had been stopped without any prior notice. my grand daughter on behalf of me written many application to higher authorities but at last I received a letter from SBI BELAPUR that as i receive eastern railway pension so I am not eligible to get SSS PENSION. My question to you I should have been given a choice to choose between my SSS pension or eastern railway pension. Along with my SSS pension I used to receive CGHS facility where I used to get cashless health benefits under CGHS enlisted hospital but as now my pension is stopped i cannot avail CGHS facility. I am not in a sound fInancial position.As i am above 90 so I cannot avail the mediclaim facility also I am in a wretched condition.please help me THANKS & REGARDS SUNITA DAS GUPTA