Appraisal credited without being agreed upon

Dear sir., I'm an orphan who is working in a Tech support company. The scenario: They credited my appraisal money along with my salary. I was under the impression that in any normal company they call for a one on one meeting, where performance is discussed after an appraisal amount of some sort is agreed upon and that off course is ok with both parties. In my case however is something new where my appraisal amount was decided, no one on one meeting, no amount discussed let alone being discussed . Here's the interesting part.. The appraised amount was credited along with my salary and im being pressured to sign and accept the amount being presented to me. Out of total disgust and the feeling of betrayal did not sign the document and really being an orphan have no one to ask for proper advice of any sort of legal council. Fact if the matter is that I really need the job however feel that what they have done to me and countless others is not right and am sure there is a way to deal with this so that most of us can justly get what we've worked for so hard all year round. I implore you Sir to please take a look at this and see if you can help me or at least point me in the right direction in such a way that I get the proper appraisal that I deserve and don't loose my job. Please sir help me I've been knocking on every door to see who would be king enough to help me. Thanks in advance and may God bless you Regards, Cyrus. H Kapadia. Sent from my Windows Phone.