Breach of trust

Hello sir, once a girl met me with a fake identity, she introduced herself with a diff name caste and address, she also told me that she was engaged earlier but due to severe miss match in thoughts she broke her engagement with that guy.. she also said she loves me and want to marry me, i was okay with her previous broken engagement as its very common these days, we had and affair for nearly 8 months mean while she promised me for marriage each and every time, and i m deeply in love with her... after few months she started fighting with me for no reasons and i was able to feel that she is trying to create distance or trying to break relationship any how.. then she said her mom is against our relationship and not ready to accept at any cost and she cant go against her mom, i use tried to convince her mom a lot on phone( later on i came to know that the lady i was talking on phone was not her real mom, it was her cousin who pretended to be her mom), one day suddenly she changed her mobile numbers and stopped all contacts.. as i was deeply in love with her i started finding her on the address or area given by her which was completely fake address, finally i decided to go on the place where she used to work, when i went there i came to know her reality that she had given me her wrong name,address, caste everything was fake.. but somehow i was able to find her real name and address.. when she came to know that ive found her she rang me next day and begged to meet me once as she wanted to clear few things, when i met her she said " she lied all this because she did not to loose me, she accepted that she was engaged and never broke up with him but she was not happy with that guy so she had relationship with me thinking she will break up with her and marry me.. i again trusted her story and gave her chance to prove her self... now again she is saying her mom is not ready to break previous engagement and hence she cannot marry i am between two minds, 1 i still think she loves me but she is just getting married to other guy bcoz of her mom and 2 when i m supporting her so much, ready to trust her again why cant she convince her mom, which also means she never wanted to marry me and just wanted to have fun with me, played with my feelings and now she wants to marry that guy for whatever reasons... please sir suggest me what can i do in this case? now your question must be what i really want or why am i here? well i want meet her mom once for which she is not ready, if her mom is not ready to meet me, and after all this if she is ready to marry that guy which means she cheated me and in that case i wanna file a case on her.. is it possible? pls suggest