Painting and sinking charges while leaving an Apartment

I would like to know if there is/are any law or any informal rule that states the amount that we need to pay towards painting charges when one moves out of a rented house. I have been staying in an apartment in Bangalore for the last 21 months. The rental agreement was renewed after 11 months with a mutually agreed 5% increment. When we first moved into the apartment, that landlord had cleaned up and painted the apartment (although I am not sure how good/costly the paint itself was). In the first agreement as well as the renewed agreement, the landlord included the clause that we need to either repaint the apartment or pay for the charges. My questions are - a) Since I have stayed close to 2 years in the apartment, is the clause to pay the full charges for painting still applicable? b) Technically, when I renewed the agreement, the landlord did not repaint the premises. So isn't my 2nd year of tenancy spent on an unpainted house? c) I have read somewhere that in Karnataka there is a law that if the Tenant stays for more than 1 year and less than 3 years then he/she doesn't have to pay the painting charges in full. If the tenancy is for more than 3 years then the charges are nil. Is that correct? d) In the monthly maintenance bill, there is a component called sinking fund. Isn't this component supposed to be paid by the landlord? Can I claim a reimbursement of the same when I move out of the apartment? -- Thanks Shantanu