Help me

Hello Sir/Madam, I am sorry my English is not good hope you understand. I am working with Insurance Surveyor Firm from last 14 years. i am very honest to my company My boss also trust me like house member. But last year my Boss younger brother gave me bad words & allegation on me that i am leaking company details to others without any proof. in that matter it goes big issue between me & my boss younger brother. my Boss also knows that i am innocent but my boss younger brother ask my boss that either i will come or he will come to the office. so my boss ask me some days u don't come to office till situation is settle. i said ok. after that my boss giving me out side work and some office work i do from my home computer and my boss given me my salary regularly. but from last 2 month my boss behave like a stranger i think he don't want to keep me anymore he is not piking my phones he avoid me like a unknown person. My problem was he gave salary in cash so i don't have salary sleep in fact every staff get salary in cash and i also didn't get appointment letter that i am working with this company from 14 years. now how should i get my compensation & graduate and all. i have a family my Mom who suffering from cancer, My dad who suffering from Paralysis attack from last 10 years,My son studying in 2nd standard his fees is huge, i suffering from high bp. i have lots of responsibility on my shoulder but my boss don't understand that now i don know what to do . cuz i know nobody will helping me no police, no politician nobody because i am poor i don't have strong backing or enough proof. is there anybody to help me as a humanity.