Relationship issue

Hi, I met a girl in d gym one and half yr back. We both liked each other and we started dating. We spent good time with each other. But after a few months I realized that that I don't love that girl. It was just an attraction. I told the same thing to her but she said she genuinely love me, to this I thought OK if it is so I will give it a try may be I can have that kind of feelings for her what's she had for me. I tried for few month but found that it's not working in a good direction. I still didn't love her . I told her same agian to which she started crying, I feel really bad seeing her cry but I really don't love her. I can't live with her like life partner though I like her as a friend but not as my girlfriend. I tried explaining this to her but she never understand this. Now she has started telling me that beacuse of you my life has become hell and threatened me that she will take legal action against me. Two things I would like to tell you: 1.We had physical relation when it was all started one and half yr back which was done with the consent of both of us. Now she says you have physically abused me. 2. I borrowed some money for my exam fee from her, I tried to give it back but she says she don't want it back she only want me. Later she even said that I used her financially. I am quite puzzled here , I am not telling that she is a bad girl or what but the point is she is not ready to understand that I don't love her. She want me in any case. If I say no to her she threatens me taking legal action for physical and financial abuse. Kindly help me out with this.