Terminated after working 50 days

One my brother joined a private company in Gurgaon on December 2015, As per the letter it's 6 months probation and on performance basis they'll make it permanent. After working hard for 50 days his boss a vice president fired him verbally on 9th of February by informing that there are no more jobs for him.No need to come from next day i.e. 10th of February. He didn’t get any prior notice nor any warning nor any appraisal. He also hold the money for around another 50 days and paying only 9 days of salary. In those 50 days he worked very hard and it’s more than 10-11 hours daily. Even the boss ordered him to work from home at late night and deliver the job. He didn't complain to work more than 10 hours. During working he didn’t get any kind of tea break expect 10-15 mins for lunch break that also at evening. This is because the demand of each work had to finish within 2-2.30 hours. Which is impossible for the task to finish within this period. Resulting questioned us harshly to command us to finish at any cost. Not to say it's impossible to finish those works at these time. It's like to reach Delhi to Bombay within 5 hours by Train. Anyway he used to finish daily work by staying back. Their Official time is 10-7 pm and 6 days/week. While joining the manager who interviewed him asked the official time is 10-6 (6 days week). So in December he worked 10-6 without any work pressure. From January when this boss as VP came changed the timing to 10-7 pm as 6 days/week. While demanding the money for extra hour worked on these 50 days, notice period etc. VP refused to pay anything other than 9 day salary. In the mean time VP along with HR manager also forced him to resign and sign the no settlement due before paying anything after few days of terminating. Looking for your suggestion. So do he get any compensate such as working extra hours, working from home and any notice period.